Beers on outdoor patios

Grilled hot dogs

The county fair

Spend a leisurely morning perusing the newsstand and sipping coffee at Farley’s East

Go to an outdoor movie screening

Make a fruit pie from scratch –> Have eaten many pies. Have not yet made one.

Take film photos all summer

Take a weekend getaway with J

Have a really nice time on a summer camping trip with friends

Go on a weekend birthday bike tour for Minh and Molly’s birthdays

Bike rides everywhere

Spend lots of time at Adam’s new house

Experience the Planetarium at Chabot Space & Science Center and/or Cal Academy of Sciences

Outdoor Sunday brunch at Thai Temple

Bottomless mimosa brunch somewhere

East Bay Bike Party

Berkeley Kite Festival –> Didn’t go, but did make handmade kites and fly them up and down the street instead.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Go to a drive-in movie

Go to at least one Stern Grove Festival concert

Hike to the Tourist Club SF for Sommerfest or a guest weekend

Do the whole fried chicken sandwich, fresh lemonade, strawberry shortcake and ironing board shebang at Bakesale Betty

Grow my succulent garden

Summer strolls to the corner store

Backyard gardening time: pick up free soil from the City of Berkeley and start building a raised bed in the garden, start a mural on the outside wall, clear out and organize the toolshed

Outdoor barefoot-ness

Wander the Alameda Point Antiques Faire and/or Treasure Island Flea

Plan something nice for myself for my birthday

Get rid of and/or give away the clothes I don’t wear anymore and update my wardrobe on a budget

Rock a new favorite summer outfit and favorite summer record

Free Hot Day Day at Frankenart Mart

Brunch at Outerlands

Introduce J to the yeast-raised filled doughnuts at Doughnut Dolly

Catch a summer blockbuster at the theater

Go to the Summer Heat anti-fracking protest in Richmond

Art studio time. Paint. Draw. Create stuff.

Expedition to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and B&B in Pacific Grove

Do a photo shoot involving a bouquet of balloons

Try a fancyish Oakland restaurant that I haven’t been to yet (Commis, Hawker Fare, Pican, Boot & Shoe, Plum, etc.)

Visit the Sketchbook Project 2013 tour stop when it comes to town

Eat oysters

SF Street Food Festival

A fresh loaf from Tartine, ice cream from Bi-Rite, sunny patch of grass, and a book in Dolores Park

Have an al fresco pizza-from-scratch dinner party

And everything else I will end up doing

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