I’ve been planning what shoes I’m going to be bringing to all the festivals I’ll be hitting up this season this week. Here at the top 5 looks, I’ve found to be most popular…

Chunky Ankle Boots 

A perfect for the festival fields because they’re comfy, chic and they literally do go with everything, I love a chunky boot . I’ve been trying to decide on a pair for weeks now because there are so many to choose from! 

Pom-Pom Sandals

How could you not love these! Pom Pom Sandals are deffo my fave trend at the moment. They’re so adorable – and the perfect way to add a splash of colour and fun to a fresh summer wardrobe. What better place to wear them than at a festival?!


I’ve decided that this is the year I need to invest in some hunters. I love them! And I’ve wanted a pair for years so I’m going to treat myself. Now to decide on black or green…


Probably not the best for a UK festival, but as I’m hoping to head overseas this year, I’ll definitely be packing some sliders this year. As the name suggests, these are literally the easiest shoes to put on ever and they look so cute! 


Again, not the best for UK festivals, but as I’m heading overseas, I’ll be packing a pair of mules. I particularly love this metallic pair – a bit of a 90′s guilty pleasure I must admit. But seriously, how cool are they? Very festival, if you ask me. 


What do you think of my choices? Festival shoe shopping is actually pretty though, especially when you’re not sure about the weather! My advice is to bring a good selection – so wellies, sandals and boots – to cover all bases. Please comment below with your festival footwear picks…