In the modern era, online education has become a trend. More and more people have started to pursue education online. Online educated have started to replace Traditional form of education
right now. Online education offers a lot of benefits to students around the world including easiness, learn any time, no need of going to school every day, learn at the comfort of their home, no need to travel every day to learn, don’t want to spend too  much money, Convenience, gain knowledge and skills in technology, etc…

With the development in the field of technology and the coming of internet have made it possible for people to learn from their home or from anywhere they are. The majority of colleges and universities in the world are offering online learning facilities to students. People just need a computer and secured internet connection to pursue their dream of higher education. There are a lot of important things online course creators can learn from the best classroom teachers such as:

Establish a good bond with students

Keep students interested and engaged

Maintain students active in learning

Enhance group discussion with online students

Ensure students are learning and following
curriculum well

Checking home works every day

Help Students to create plan for studies

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