First, a little introduction. I love to eat. Over the past five years or so in particular I’ve developed an appetite to explore food. I’ve become passionate about trying new things. In an effort to fall in love with the city I live in I’ve decided that I need to explore it more, and what better way to start than food?

#1 – Custom Built Pizza (Las Vegas, NV); The idea here is to be like Chipotle, but for pizza. They have a range of toppings that you select and they cook it while you wait. The concept was fun and the pizza was tasty, but it’s doubtful I would return because the service was terrible. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had a gift certificate I would have walked out.

#2 – Mad Hatter Cupcakes (Las Vegas, NV); I love the concept of this place! You choose your cake, filling, icing, and decoration from a menu that ranges from your typical finds of vanilla and chocolate to seasonal favorites like eggnog. I couldn’t resist the eggnog and it was a pleasantly sweet treat. It’s not in my neighborhood, but if I was in the area I would pop in again.

#3 – Pink Box Doughnuts (Las Vegas, NV); This cute little shop just had their soft opening a little over two weeks ago and I am in love. A fantastic ratio of crisp to soft, and their fillings are pretty fantastic too. My personal favorite has become the Sweet Potato with cinnamon glaze. Perfection. I’ve been back several times already and this is likely to become a favorite pre-work treat.

#4 – TASTE Eatery & Market (Las Vegas, NV); It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Tivoli Village. Close to home, close to work and choc full of amazing places to eat and shop. This is no different. Run by the same people (and same chef) from my beloved View Wine Bar and Cheese Shop it doesn’t disappoint. Favorite so far? The prime rib sandwich. The bacon potato salad is pretty fantastic too. One of these days I need to head over for breakfast because the croissant with house jam has been calling my name.

#5 – Bratalian (Henderson, NV); Definitely a drive, but worth it. I had a gift certificate that was close to expiring so I made the venture across town last Saturday night. The small restaurant greets you with it’s cozy atmosphere right as you walk in. While the menu had several tempting dishes, I couldn’t resist the lasagna with its promise of bechamel sauce. A promise it kept. Perfect ratios of bechamel, bolognese, and mozarella. It was easily the best lasagna I’ve ever had.

#6 – Patisserie Manon (Las Vegas, NV); As a Christmas Eve surprise my mom bought me a small buche de noel from here, note the photo above. It was absolute chestnut perfection with just the right amount of sweet. I have heard amazing things about their bread as well so I am thankful that my Christmas gifts included a certificate to try some more of their wares.

At this rate I may complete this goal sooner than expected. With so many new restaurants opening up over that past few months there’s a lot to explore.