Planning a vacation in Italy can be overwhelming at first, because there is so much to see throughout the entire country.  However, a road trip in Italy is the best way to see the most that the country has to offer, whether it is attractions, delicious cuisine, or the amazing wine.  

Here are the best places to visit in Italy:


Florence is packed with stunning architecture and fabulous art work, and many people love the fact that they can explore those areas during the day and then spend the night dining at one of the vibrant restaurants.  Late evenings are usually spent in one of the popular nightclubs that offer dancing until the wee hours of the morning.  


Venice is surrounded by water filled canals and people will begin to wonder where the water ends and the city begins at times.  In between the canals are streets, secret campi, Gothic palazzi, and wine bars.  There are a multitude of churches in the city as well as museums that offer artifacts from long ago.  


Ruins, Baroque fountains, and Renaissance palazzos can be found everywhere in Rome, and many people will find themselves stopping and looking around in amazement throughout their time in this magnificent city.  The food is quite tempting as are the shops that contain many quirky items.  


The fashion capital of the country is Milan and that fashion can be even be seen throughout the hotels and restaurants in the city.  Shoppers will love walking the streets that are lined with designer stores, outlets, high street shops, and boutiques.  


The Tuscany countryside is so down to earth that many people will feel like they are stepping back in time when they reach the area.  The olive oil is fresh, the wine is delicious, and the food is cooked slowly to enhance the flavors of the dish.  Combine all that with the historic towns and pieces of art, and people have an experience that they won’t find anywhere else.  

These places to visit in Italy are the best, but when a person is planning a trip to Italy , they may find other destinations that they want to see even more.  Prioritizing is key when planning this type of trip and people should understand that they can always return to see the rest at another time.  After all, Italy isn’t going anywhere any time soon.