There are plenty of options available to people who travel to France when it comes to accommodations, yet each one is in a neighborhood that is completely different from many of the others.  A person on a France honeymoon  may find themselves wanting to stay somewhere different than a person taking a France road trip, and that is completely possible, especially in the city of Paris. 

Here are the best neighborhoods for people who are looking for the best place to stay in Paris during a holiday in France:


This is a neighborhood for lovers and romantics, so anyone on a France honeymoon will want to keep this one in mind.  The streets are lined with cobblestone, while the hills and staircases offer views that continue for miles.  The only winery in Paris is in this neighborhood, so everyone will want to spend some time there sipping from a glass or two. 


A holiday in France is going to include food, so why not make it the best food possible.  The 11thArrondisement is known for its abundance of restaurants that serve amazing cuisine at reasonable prices.  The variety includes Michelin star restaurants, trendy foods, and wine bars.  The party can continue long into the night in this neighborhood as well, since it is known as one of the popular nightlife areas. 


Sightseeing is a must during a holiday in France and people who are planning on seeing almost all the sights may want to stay in the 1stArrondisement.  Most of the famous landmarks of the city are located there and it is not too far from the remaining attractions.  A few of the best ones in this neighborhood include the Louvre, Tuileries Garden, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees, and the Palais Royale. 


This neighborhood is perfect for anyone who is on their first holiday in France.  The Eiffel Tower is there along with the Musée d’Orsay and Rue Cler.  There is not as much excitement on these streets as in some of the other areas of the city.


Marais is the neighborhood that people will want to stay in when they plan on doing a lot of shopping during their holiday in France.  The streets there are lined with chic boutiques, upscale brand names, local designers, and more.