Europe is a very large continent that is made up of numerous countries.  While it would be fabulous if people could take the time to explore each one during their European vacation, that would take weeks or months longer than the average person has available.  Therefore, most people need to decide on their favorite European destinations  prior to their European holiday. 

Here are the 4 best European destinations for a European holiday:


Athens is one of the most historical cities in all of Europe, so it is no surprise that many people choose this as one of their favorite European destinations.  While there is plenty to do within this city, the people still seem to move at a slower pace during the day than anywhere else in the world.  That does change at night though, when the music gets turned up louder and drinks begin to flow.  During a European holiday, people will want to see both the Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens. 


Santorini is one of the few places that legends state was the original Atlantis.  While people can argue over that legend for months or years, no one can dispute the beauty of this area.  Most people on European holiday will choose to visit the island of Thira, but the islands of Thirassia, NeaKameni, and PaleaKameni are worth the extra trip too. 


Valencia might not be as well-known as the larger cities in Spain, but that should not dissuade a person from visiting.  The cobblestone streets allow pedestrians to walk under the orange trees as they are headed towards the beach.  Everyone will want to visit the Mercado Central, one of the oldest food markets in all of Europe.  All the locals do their shopping there and it is interesting to hear all the local dialects as they are doing their shopping for the day. 


Prague has been overwhelmingly affected by invasions, fires, floods, and more throughout the years, but the resilience of the city has turned it into one of the best European destinations.  People will want to wander along the narrow streets to look at the churches, hilltop castle, and bridges that are lined with statues.  The two must-see attractions are the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.