Do you want to reset the email password? If you want and don’t know how to reset? Don’t take tension because in this blog you find the way to recover/reset email password. To keep your email secure from unwanted activates, you must reset the email password. So, to change the AT&T email password you can get the help from tech support team. Through AT&T customer care number  1-800-234-6190 you can resolve the email problem. If you want to reset the email password follow the steps given below. There are two methods to reset the password:- 

Reset the password by security question:

1.  Go to forgot password page of AT&T email.

2.  Here you need to select the “Password.”

3.  Enter the full AT&T address & last name.

4.  Click to continue.

5.  Click the security question from the drop-down menu.

6.  Answer the security question which you set for the AT&T email account.

7.  Click to continue.

8.  You will get prompt to create the new password.

Reset the AT&T email password by temporary password:-

1.  You need to visit the AT&T forgot password page.

2.  Choose password.

3.  In the required box enter the AT&T email address & last name.

4.  Click to continue.

5.  Click on Send me a temporary password, from the drop-down menu.

6.  Click to continue and check for the temporary password.

7.  Copy the temporary password you have received and enter.

8.  Now you will get instruction on the screen. Follow them to create a new permanent password.

9.  Now you need to confirm the email password. 

Hope you will successfully reset the password. If there is any doubt or confusion you can opt for customer care. The team of customer care is 24 X 7 available for customers of AT&T email. Via AT&T tech support  users can reach out to the technical team. Whenever you will ask the experts to help you, they will provide you the solution to email issues. To get instant solution for your AT&T email issues customer care is the best option. 

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