First project: done. I started this suit last fall — I watched an entire season of Sherlock while cutting and sewing most of the skirt. And then stopped where I always stop: the hem. So, I hung it up and moved on to the jacket. And I stopped where I always stop(1): inserting the lining. So I hung it up next to the skirt and started making a sweater. That sweater is still unfinished, and I have promised another to my husband.

Here is my problem with finishing sewing projects: as soon as I finish one, I start 3 others. Yesterday I completed the jacket, and this morning, the first thing I did when I woke up(2) was walk into my sewing room, pull out my patterns, and start flipping through fabric swatches in my stash. I lined up three new projects – a dress and two skirts – that I just need for summer.

Then I put 2 of them away. And I sat down and hemmed the skirt.

I find I really enjoy sewing a lot more when I don’t have unfinished projects glaring at me. I also enjoy it a lot more when I can add really cute details to those projects – like polka dot linings.


(1)That’s a bit of an overstatement, since I’ve usually run into some snag and abandoned the jacket long before reaching this stage.

(2)It wasn’t the first thing I did. I showered, walked my dog & made coffee first.

(3)Also, please pardon the fact that I am not capable of taking pictures of myself without making weird faces. I used to crop my head out of pictures of my finished projects, but I finally gave up and embraced the weird.