When I started this project, I made a list of things that make me feel confident. One of the the first things that came to mind was having radiant, clear skin. As a teen, one of my biggest insecurities was my acne-riddled face. While my skin has cleared considerably, thanks to time, green juice and yoga (seriously!) I wanted to see what some high quality skin products could do for my face.

I took a trip to a local beauty store and had a long consult about the state of my skin. I was sent home with a host of products to try. While I’ve always been fairly diligent about my skin care routine, I’ve never really purchased high quality products for my skin.

I’m happy to say that the products made a difference, but I’m happier to report that using the products made a change in me. While budget constraints are a real thing (I’m a teacher!) I often choose to allocate my limited resources elsewhere instead of investing in things that are for my own self-care. I have noticed a shift in how I feel not only because my skin looks better, but because I’m taking the time, money and energy to use high-quality products on my skin. It feels different than using products I purchased on sale because they seemed “good enough.”

One of my biggest realizations thus far has been that feeling sexy and being confident aren’t just about looking a certain way, but about the way we spend our time and resources. Are we making ourselves a priority? When we don’t feel that we are worth that time and energy, it shows. I feel so much more confident when my skin is clear looks great with or without makeup, and yet I’ve hesitated to commit to a good routine and spending money on quality products.

One of my favorite insights from Gretchen Rubin’s brilliant book, The Happiness Project, is to “Act the way you want to feel.” When I act as if my skin is worth being proud of, I automatically hold my head a little higher and feel more confident. It’s amazing how a small change in my routine can make such a difference.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of creating habits that help lead me to my end goal!