Here’s the thing – I’m shy. I know. It seems like an odd claim from someone who writes quite a lot about her personal life on the internet, but it’s the truth. I have no problem keeping your eyes moving from left to right, line by line, across a page, but in person I am very unlikely to dominate a conversation.

To find me in a state of chatty, you must visit the corner of a room, that shady nook, that some-place-off-to-the-side area that every party has, and catch me on the bottom half of a bottle of champagne. Only then will I tell you my secret.  And here it is:

I’ve got a crush on you. Yes, you.

Your perfectly pinned and braided chignon. Your eye for inspired antique interiors. The things you can do with a letterpress – Johannes Gutenberg has got nothing on you – and don’t think I didn’t notice your nail art, girl. That’s not from the pages of Pinterest. You are an original. I’ve read your blog, you’re clever, and I am in awe.

In fact, I have several super secret creative crushes. I bet you do, too. And, thanks to the folks at RedEnvelope, I’m about to fess up. If you’re going to be at Alt Summit next week you should join us.

On Friday night, we’re throwing a party, a #CrushOnYou party, and we’re inviting attendees and speakers to become not-so-secret admirers. Declare your crush, decorate a heart, and pin it up. RedEnvelope will be there along with the whole Mighty Team gifting goodies to the crushers and the crushees.

In 2013, I want to celebrate more than ever and this is the perfect beginning.

I hope I see you there. Yes, you in the perfectly accessorized sleeveless tunic. Where do you find this stuff?

Read more about our party from Sarah.

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