When Sonja of Pintester.com invited me to join forces and Make All The Things! as a part of her Pintester Movement, I said hell yes I’ll make all the things with you. Over the last two years I’ve amassed an impressive collection of recipes, DIYs, and nail art and it was about time I did more than curate my good intentions and salivate.  

Choosing which pin to attempt was easy. Booze and chocolate for the win. I decided to make these chocolate covered strawberry shot glasses and these peanut butter cup shots from Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

I then excitedly texted my friend Brittany to let her know of my plans to spend an evening drinking liquor and making edible shot glasses. Only, turns out I didn’t text Brittany. I texted my boss. 

Oh what fun. 

Next, I made a trip to the store and picked up the necessary supplies.

I decided to make the peanut butter cup shots first. After melting the chocolate, I grabbed a spoon and attempted to slather the chocolate onto the outside of these silicon molds. 

Things got messy. Like my hands and my camera and the vodka that I had to swig straight from the bottle since my edible shot glasses weren’t ready. 

After I finished coating the molds and most of my body, I put them in the freezer for a bit to allow the chocolate to solidify. When I removed them 15 minutes later they looked like this: 

After I finished separating the molds from the chocolate shells in the least manhandle-y way I know how, they looked like this:

Peanut butter cup shot glasses? Nailed it. Am I right?

Now onto the chocolate covered strawberry shot glasses.

Strawberries are surprisingly easy to hollow out. It’s almost as if Mother Earth intended for us to have an all natural way to consume high proof alcohol. 

Next, I cut off the bottom so that they would be flat and able to stand on their own. 

Finally, I flipped them over and coated the bottoms with chocolate and then placed them in the freezer to chill. 

The fact that they weren’t as attractive as Erica’s strawberry shot glasses was unimportant to me as, by that time, my vision was slightly impaired by the alcohol I had enjoyed while preparing them.

Unlike their chocolate peanut butter cup brethren, turns out chocolate covered strawberries can hold their liquor. 

Side note. At this point in the process, I decided it would be a good idea to disregard the poor craftsmanship of my secondhand furniture and stand on a chair to take a birds-eye view picture of the mess this project created. Shortly thereafter, the chair collapsed into about 25 shank-like wooden pieces. Now we only have three chairs for our family of four which means sometime before breakfast tomorrow I have to give away one of my two children…or my husband. 


Despite the mess and destruction, this was fun. If you’re feeling motivated, you can join the Pintester Movement, too. Do it. You can find out more about it and see other people fail at Pinterest crafts right here.  

Cheers, friends.