Well! It seems that Olay and Go Mighty are gifting me some head shots! I’m guessing they saw my sad iPhone self-taken portraits and took pity on me. Whatever their motivation was, I will accept–and happily.

I am told that my head shots are to be taken while I’m at Camp Mighty by the estimable Maile Wilson, which is only the best news ever. I’m very excited. I have a little less than a week to figure out what to wear and what to do with my hands when I’m posing. I get awkward when there’s a camera placed in front of me. How does my mouth go, Maile? Am I the hideous monster we both know I am? These are the questions I will be asking.

It’s too late for me to schedule a haircut, so I’ll have to be relatively shaggy and hope that my impeccable posture (and finger guns!) compensates for my lack of grooming. Wish me luck!