Gmail has designed for the people want to use Gmail service in their official purposes. As people are very busy in checking mails or watching over their projects while sitting at home or watching movies through phone, numbers of hacking and other problems have increased too. Android users face password related problem while using Gmail. If they want solution then they can ask the technicians through Gmail Support Number. Technicians always give response whenever the users call them. They always maintain simple but innovative technology so that users from any age can able to understand what they are saying.While using android phone, most of the users unaware that they should sync with their phone with all type of email account and applications. Otherwise theses application won’t detect your device and make you to face login and other problems. Gmail support number is very effective when users want to follow synchronization process of Gmail in android phone.


Users will be instructed to tap on the Settings menu.
Then, users need to go the ‘’Accounts’’ option.
After that, you need to select ‘’add account’’. If you are unable to do that, you can ask Gmail Customer Support team.
Next, users need to select Google to add Gmail account.
Users will be instructed to choose ‘’existing’’ and enter their full Gmail account address (user’s name, password) etc. Username and password should be matched with the originals.
After that, users need to tap ‘’ok’’ for agreeing on the terms and conditions.
Then, users need to sign in the device (android phone) to users’ domain.
Then, users will be notified with the message that they may require to fill some other steps to join Google+ or Google Play).If they want to do it later then you can choose ‘’not now’’.
Then, they need to select the desired services which they want to avail in android phone. Users may wait for approval from the administrator to synchronize with Gmail. And after approval,your android phone is ready to access Gmail.

After that, Gmail Customer Support team advice that users should check device settings like location settings, clock settings etc. Users need to use android friendly and Gmail friendly browser. Otherwise they will face lots of problems. Users should be careful while leaving their phone to a stranger. They should lock their phone with security number and logout from G suite account after using. They should not turn on the ‘’remember me ‘’ option. If they do, they will have tendency to forget the password after few days. So they should turn it off always. For any problem, users can use Gmail support number. It is open for 24×7 hours. Technicians are reachable through this number always. Technicians always maintain the service quality. They are committed to deliver high end solutions for all type of users. They always take reasonable charges for their services.