In my Junior year of high school one of our Homecoming spirit days was mismatch day, and after I slipped on those magenta cords with a rasta-like tie dye tee I felt as if I couldn’t be stopped.  That first venture into colors became just one of my signature “obnoxious” outfits.  I had smurf colored knee highs that I wore with a lime green dress.  I insisted on having pigtails (or a bright red bucket rain hat) and neon green socks for every track meet regardless of it clashing with my uniform.  As a Senior the local tuxedo rental place said that since my boyfriend was a Junior he didn’t qualify to wear a tux around school to earn a free rental, so I was the one who suited up and pranced about the halls.  For one classes’ final exam project some underclassmen friends approached me to be the one to model a dress made out of duct tape (this was quite a bit before it became the in thing it is nowadays), and I rocked that thing until I couldn’t take the lack of duct tape’s breathability and smell anymore.  I stumbled across some fuzzy kitty ears for Halloween and ended up wearing them year round.  Even into my early twenties on random days when boredom struck I’d declare it an 80′s day complete with crimped hair and go visit friends around town.  Prom dresses worn to superstores, even though fish flies were everywhere, became an expected and unsurprising thing from me. 

Somewhere in my first marriage I lost that.  Blame it on the soul sucking (I had a theory that the ex somewhat agreed with that we couldn’t be fun together, and he had sucked all of the fun out of me), the being so far away from my family and friends and trying to fit in, mental illness smacking me in the head, trying to hide my body as it got larger or even simply becoming a “grown up”.  After the separation I began to reclaim some of my “obnoxiousness” only to lose it again after losing Penny and then having Harrison.  Thank goodness it hasn’t been to the extent it was before, but now it’s time yet again to step out of the box and have fun with my clothing choices.  I embrace my children’s interesting and completely them choices on how they look (most of the time anyhow, grandparents still expect decent school photos) so I should do the same for myself.  Heck, they probably got the “interesting clothing choices” gene from me!  My body is not something to be ashamed of and I should showcase it as brightly as I enjoy.  

Having an orange tutu will definitely count towards taking my obnoxious back and hopefully help me feel more comfortable in my own skin.  This is the first Halloween in five years that I have “permission” from my oldest to “dress up as whatever makes you happiest” and I’m going to take full advantage of it!