All educational institution or university has to tackle
with plenty of admission forms all year. Verifying feeding every admission form
physically is a huge assignment and therefore the majority organizations
gives OMR admission
forms to the scholar. The benefit of this type of entrance form is that it gets
assessed entered into softcopy automatically when it is scanned. With superior
OMR software and a regular scanner, it is feasible to assess enormous numbers
of admission forms with no trouble.

Information about OMR Admission Form

Admission form and application forms are different, as
application from requires only preliminary information of candidates. On other
hand admission form requires more complete information of students including
name of students, Name of their parents, mark obtained by them. This
information is important for institute for keeping the record of students. Thus
it is so essential that no mistakes are made while filling the form. Here is
some guidelines regarding filling the OMR admission form correctly.

• Keep some photocopies of admission form with you so
that you can practice on them before filling the original form. This will avoid
mistakes in filling the form

• Make sure that OMR admission form is not folded and
there are no wrinkles or tears on the paper. Because this type of form cannot
be scanned correctly

• Use black or blue ball pen (as specified by institute)
to fill form

• Do not use stapler to attach your photograph, Use glue

• Make sure that you have filled full bubbles circles
instead of half filled or light filled because this kind of circles cannot be
read by scanner software