1. Create

Make your list of life goals.

2. Connect

Find people locally or globally to help with your goals.

3. Share

Share your stories and invite brands to support you.

Go Mighty is for people who want to connect and collaborate to do something good for themselves and others.

About Go Mighty

Go Mighty helps you create a Life List—a record of the things you’d like to do in your lifetime.

Challenge your personal status quo.

Go Mighty is a place to outline your goals and dreams, track your progress toward checking them off, and find inspiration to challenge your personal status quo.

We let you share stories about each goal as you work toward achieving it, or write privately to record your progress on personal initiatives. There are thousands of ways to improve your quality of life — but we believe that making a list and taking action is the most direct path from where you are to wherever you’d like to be.

Fund your goals.

Many of our sponsorships include grant components to help you fund your dreams, and corporate charitable donations tied to group and individual achievement. Grants may be as small as $100 or as big as the goal you create.

As a company, Go Mighty exists to champion enthusiasts, amplify their efforts, and extend them to a larger audience.

Do something good.

We believe you should refill your own well so you have the energy to help the people around you. For our team, that means facilitating grants for projects we support, and tying our own projects to social good initiatives whenever possible—through support of organizations like Charity Water, the United Nations, and others.

In particular, we are committed to improvements in education, global health, and equality.

Drop us a line.

Have a question, comment or feedback? Send us a note at info@gomighty.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Team Mighty