Oh, hey there. I know it’s been a while, but I think we need to start over. Wait, where are you going? Come on! I promise never to leave you again.

Last time we talked, I was running out of film. That has been remedied, and as you can see, will no longer be a problem. And in addition to a ton of film, the wonderful people at the Impossible Project  sent me a newer, more AB-friendly camera! This makes me happy.  It also makes me do things like take pictures of my Polaroid film with my new Polaroid. Meta to the max, baby.

To keep this interesting and avoid the random pola array all the time, what if we did a theme every week? Yes? I think it is a good idea. And since it is something I am craving right now, I declare next week’s theme to be “Candy.” (This means I have to go out and buy a lot of candy. Aw, sad face.)

So, what do you want to see next? Any theme suggestions? Hit me.

All film courtesy of The Impossible Project , whose theme suggestion is “Fewer words, more pictures, THANKS.”