One of the rewarding aspects of traveling is that it gives you an excuse to finally take the time to try things which are always on your “I want to do/learn/scream/squeal/experience that someday”, aka your bucket list. While on the flip-side of the globe, adventuring through Australia, we were able to do just that for one of our long-time “want to learn” desires.

We love fresh pasta and have done a reasonable job teaching ourselves how to make it through the guidance of several cookbooks. Yet I always feel it isn’t quite there. We don’t “own” it yet, and if there was just a bit of personal guidance from someone with more experience, we know it can be amazing.  Who knew we’d find that in Australia?While in the wine region of the Barossa Valley in South Australia we had the chance to learn pasta from northern Italy native, Matteo Carboni. With his rhythmic English and knowledge of pasta that runs through him like the air he breathes, Matteo had us kneading, rolling, cutting, and tossing pasta like true Italians.Through the process of laughing, kneading, and slicing or twisting a couple classic pastas, a squid ink pasta, and a stinging nettle pasta, by the end of class the task of making a fresh pasta seemed effortless. And of course we were able to eat our labors.Matteo quickly cooked up each pasta with an accompanying protein, veggie, and/or cheese for us to enjoy. Nothing like 4 courses of pasta for an early lunch. Complete with wine. I believe that afternoon a siesta was in order.

Thanks Chef Matteo for the expertise!

-Todd and Diane

the classroom is nestled at the back of their adorable shop

rolling out the nettle pasta!

nettle pasta is so beautiful….and delicious.

homemade pasta!

proud pasta student… todd…

Chef Matteo setting up for lunch

eating our results from the class

group lunch…

every bite of the multiple pasta courses was so fresh and wonderful

we all were stuffed and happy.