One of the best parts about not knowing where you are going, is that you’ll never know what you may find. We had heard great things about the neighborhood in Melbourne called Fitzroy. Nothing ever specific was mentioned, just that it was a cool place. And these recommendations came from all type of people, from the polished, foodie types, to the funky, eclectic ones. What sort of place drew the love of such a range of souls?

Earlier in the day we were hanging out with some of the wonderful people from the Aussie partner publishing house of our cookbook. We all went out to lunch and they drove us over to a place in Fitzroy. Going down the street there was a great boutique cookbook bookstore, a Mud ceramics store, gastropubs, and shop after shop of foodie and shopping delights. “How cool!” we say to ourselves. “We need to come back and explore more.”

Back we came, only we didn’t quite. When we hopped in the taxi and directed, “Take us to Fitzroy” the man didn’t hesitate and seemed to know just where we wanted to go. Only when he dropped us off, it wasn’t quite the street we remembered. “What the hell” mixed in with a bit of Aussie “no worries”, we set off to explore!

This part of Fitzroy was quite different from the other part we were in. It was lively, a little crass, eclectic, and full of youthful fun. Pubs and retro diners. Tattoos and hot dates. And as we soon discovered, liquid nitrogen gelato. Um, badass!

We knew of a couple liquid nitrogen ice cream spots back home in the states, but haven’t had a chance to try them out. What better opportunity than to get our chemist’s sweet tooth fix than here in Fitzroy at N2 Extreme Gelato?

It was a funky little place with artificial turf seating area, a massive dragon themed graffiti tag dancing across the back wall, and a goggle wearing staff which was instantly whipping up a slew of badass gelato creations in KitchenAid mixers and liquid nitrogen.

Their offerings are always changing, but while we were there a few which caught our eyes and bellies were the creme brûlée gelato, torched to perfection, the salted caramel, and there was a funky chocolate gelato which had syringe filled with ganache stabbed into the frozen creamery as an interesting final presentation. It would probably be illegal if it wasn’t so damn tasty!

The gelato was amazing and staff even more so. Fun, lively, and full of youth’s energy and Aussie warmth. Gelato will never be the same again.