On a culinary journey through Australia, we were fortunate
enough to visit, stay and eat at Royal Mail Hotel. This Hotel is a jewel,
nestled at the base of the beautiful  Southern
Grampian mountains. The town itself is very small, the kind that you can easily
miss within the blink of an eye.

It’s always a special treat to be able to stumble upon some
unique art made by locals in small Australian towns, such as Dunkeld in the
State of Victoria.

While strolling around Dunkled town before dinner, we
stumbled on a tiny little artist studio by Anne Flemming. Nestled in simple
shelves within her creative space were hand made dishes, plates, cups,
sculpture and paintings. All handmade and made with love.

The simple beauty, clean lines and hand-made characteristics
that grace each of her dishware pieces is inspiring. Her work is the epitome of
beauty in simplicity and before we knew it, we were buying up so many of her

Unique one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery and dishware is
something we crave, both personally and professionally. To have unique pieces
grace our kitchen is always a treasure. And on a working-level, we are always
hoping to make our food photographs unique. Special hand-made pieces such as
those of Anne Flemming help share the food story within our images and because
of that, we’re incredibly appreciative of creative spirit and handmade work.

Within a few minutes, we added a whole new collection to our
prop collection and we’re thrilled to have found these pieces in Australia by

And you know what? She doesn’t even have a website. Anne is
one of the most humble and quiet artists that we’ve ever met. We were hoping to
share her work with you all, but because she’s still not online yet, you all
will have to visit her yourself in Dunkeld!

- Todd and Diane

we purchased all her blue handmade cups. And didn’t break any during the travel back to the States. Yes!