We love coffee. I mean really love coffee. More than slightly obsessed, my morning rituals in making us our daily cappuccinos or espressos set the tone for the entire day.

When traveling coffee is nearly always a source of exploration. My affections for lands who share this obsession runs deep into my heart. And oh, you beautiful Aussies (which we now say properly with the s’s having a tingly “z” sound coming off the tongue) do you ever love and make great coffee.

The cappuccinos everywhere were straight up brilliant, with the adorable light coating of cocoa powder on part of the top. Yet everywhere on the menus and hearing the locals order, many skipped the cappuccinos and lattes, and instead ordering “flat whites”. 

My preconceived notion of a flat white was that it was nothing more than foamless hot milk added to either coffee or espresso was dead wrong. Instead in most places we ventured into, a flat white was a beautiful twist on the cappuccino. Slightly less in volume than most cappuccinos served in the States and OZ, velvety foam and milk portioned perfectly with the espresso. Nearly dead on to the volumes and ratios of the cappuccinos I make for us at home.

Have I mentioned that I love you Aussies. Such great coffee to fuel our adventures. We were instantly at home.

-Todd and Diane