The look says it all. Need I say more.

Venturing and exploring a foreign land always gives me a little tingle in my bones. There’s nearly always a breath of familiarity mingled with touches that are just a little different. However, adjusting from a lifetime driving on the right to suddenly taking a careening vehicle on the left side of the road is more than a little different. Combine that with a feisty LA driver mentality and the blood starts to race.

We were a week into our Australia trip before needing to take the drive ourselves about. That week was priceless. Every chance we got we’d quiz the taxi drivers, our guides, people sitting next to us at dinner, anyone and everyone in trying to prepare ourselves in the road rules of Australia.

We’d discover that unlike our LA mentality of “if you aren’t going 10-15 mph over the speed limit, you’re going way too slow”, in OZ they toe the speed limit line. There are so many intersection cameras and speed average camera zones, you don’t dare creep over the limit. Thank goodness of cruise control to keep us in check.

And then there is the wonky right turns in Melbourne’s CBD (central business district – aka downtown). You wait and turn from the far outside of the lanes rather than the inside so you won’t be blocking the inside way for a trolley. This means watching and waiting for not only oncoming traffic, but also cars zooming past you from behind, and then making a big right handed jig over to the left side of the road.

These are just a touch of our driving survival lessons learned in OZ. Check out our blog soon for further and more detailed adventures.