At Fifty-Five floors up, we felt like we could reach out and
touch the clouds.

At Fifty-Five floors up, we came eye-to-eye with soaring

At Fifty-Five floors up, you don’t want to get too close to
the windows if you’re scared of heights. Just hold on tight to your wine glass.

Eating at Vue du Mone in Melbourne really was like dining on
top of the world. Being this high above the ground, it’s hard to not think
about how far the fall would be or worse yet, how long it would take to hit the
ground. But rather than focus on those thoughts, all we could think about was
the mind-blowing dining experience.

The sweeping views of Melbourne at night was like floating
on a cloud, with cocktails in hand, of course. The views were so broad, wide
and far, it felt like we could look out to Antartica and see the polar bears.
Well, not quite, but it sure felt like it when you’re 55 floors up above the


We experienced both the tasting menu and some of the evening
specials, all of which were so impeccably made, it was art on a plate.
Executive Chef Shannon Bennett, Head Chef Cory Campbell and their talented team
of food artists love their jobs with heart and soul. Each dish was thoughtful,
brilliant and had a story to tell.

In fact, the whole dining experience from the moment we were
seated was food storytelling at it’s best. Starting with rocks arranged on the
table, to the purpose of each stone, where it was placed and how it was used
was brilliant in-itself.

Genius is all that we could say when each dish was brought
how and the way in which it was presented.

Head Chef Cory Campbell and his finishing touches on the fish head dish

The Making of French Onion Soup: