Viewing our itinerary for the time we were in Victoria we spotted one day we would be having dinner at the Royal Mail Hotel and also getting a chance to explore their restaurant’s garden. Awesome! 

And we would be getting their from Melbourne by helicopter. Wha?!? What is the word above awesome? How about “flying awesome”. It’s a little cleaner than the one which first comes to mind.

I love to fly. I mean really love to fly. My childhood dream was to be a fighter pilot. There were dozens of model planes hanging from my bedroom ceiling. I would watch the crop dusters working the crops with amazement for hours. One of my favorite childhood memories was going up in one of my grandma’s best friend’s Cessna. I could go on…

To see the land from the wind’s perspective is extraordinarily unique, and of course the land in Victoria was no exception to that. After all as one can read on all the cars’ license plates, “Victoria is the Place to Be”. 

After a giddy, stomach tingling lift-off, we buzzed over Melbourne and were soon heading towards  the Royal Mail Hotel as the cockie flys. The cockatoo that is, not the cockroach, although I wouldn’t put it past the little bastards. The land, with its rolling hills, gum trees and spacious farms flowed beneath our feet. 

Melbourne, being the great horse racing metropolis it is, had racing stable after stable nestled in its fringes. Their perfect ovals exhibiting their designation. Then as the distance increased from the city, the land gave way to sweeping pastures, waterways, and farmland.

Flocks of sheep and herds of cattle dotting the land with acres upon acres to lazily meander and graze. Except for the occasional skittish groups of sheep which would startle and start racing along a trail in perfect lines. It felt like we were in the middle of National Geographic show. 

After about an hour’s flight of pure peace and bliss, our flying Scotsman (our pilot was a handsome Scottish lad) gently set us down in the Royal Mail Hotel’s backyard and we settled in before our evening’s upcoming incredible meal. But that night, it was the visions of Victoria’s landscape which filled our dreams. Straight from the view of the wind.