What exactly is it that we’re drinking? Our first culinary
goal in Australia was to find out how to pronounce what Australian wine makers
are famous for: their delicious red wine called Shriaz. Many of our food
friends and colleagues in the States are often debating on what the proper
pronunciation exactly is.

So once and for all, we were going to ask all the wine
makers, Chefs and food affionades during our visit to a plethora of wineries in
the Barossa Valley and King Valley wine producing regions of Australia. It
would only be appropriate to ask all the wine experts in the land of Shiraz.

It was a fun discussion and conversations ensued by our
silly, tourist-curious question because for the most part, most of them have
never been asked this question. Often times, these wine makers and Chefs had
take a few minutes to think about it, wondering if what they were going to say
was to be the definitive pronunciation. We ensured them that we were merely
curious –cats and in no way were they going to be held liable for the whole
Australian wine culture.

So what was the final, correct pronunciation? Collectively,
mostly everyone agreed that it Shriaz was pronounced with the “azzzzz”
pronunciation. “Shir-azzz is how you say it”. Though there were a few rebels
that liked the sound of “Shir-ozzz” better, all agreed that traditional
pronunciation would be with the “a” vowel.

There you have it, the answer straight from the heart of the
wine making folks down-under. What ever you decide to call it, Shiraz is
delicious and the best Shiraz is coming out of Australia.

Thanks to all the great wineries we visited who helped us on
this culinary question.

- Todd and Diane

Here’s some great wine-stops we visited during our visit
to Australia: 

Murray Street Vineyards:

Winemaker Andrew Seppelt produces wine with friends and family. And he’s a dog lover too, which is why we got along great and had so much to talk about outside of food and wine.

love his dogs

view of Murray Street vines

wine tasting in the great outdoors of Australia

view to the outside of the tasting room

He has wine dedicated to his Grandfather and Grandmother. How cool.

more puppy time!

Pindarie Wines: 

Wendy and husband Tony (not pictured) make wine together. That’s a great love story in itself.

One of their popular wines is their Black Hinge Tempranillo

tasting tables at their cellar door

their scenery and details are very authentic, rustic and vintage.

view of the beautiful Western Ridge, Barossa Valley

a fabulous afternoon of wine tasting

Thanks Wendy!