If you love wine, great food and small town charm, you must
add Hanhdorf Hills in South Australia to your bucket list. Trust us, you won’t
be disappointed.

Hanhdorf Hills is a wine producing region in South
Australia. This town not only is picturesque, but the small boutiques, shops
and fantastic restaurants reminds us of Sonoma and Headelsburg, CA. The quaint
ambiance, small-town scene bursting with culinary inspiration from great, local
wineries is why we’re so drawn to places like Hanford Hills.

During our visit, we experienced a fantastic food and
chocolate pairing at Hanhdorf Hills Winery, another picturesque winery
surrounded by scenes of gentle rolling hills filled with grape vines. They are
a boutique winery producing alternative wines such as Gruner Veltliner,
Blaufrankisch and Zweigelt . Within the first hour, our minds were blown
about wine, chocolate and how each affects one another in taste, flavor notes
and experience.

the winemaking team of Larry and Marc at Hahndorf Hills Winery 

Never have we ever enjoyed wine and chocolate so much
because not only were we learning something totally new, our wine-drinking
lives were changed. Chocolate, in different concentrations changes the way wine
tastes, and vice-versa. The experience of tasting chocolate and even down to
the real-deal cocoa bean, heightens the taste of wine in different ways. So
when you think wine tastes one way with a particular type of chocolate, try
biting into different chocolate and you’ll experience a whole new flavor from
the same glass of wine.

Best of all, we were introduced to pairing chocolate with
white wines. Now, prior to this visit, we would never think of pairing
chocolate with white wines. Never, ever would we think of it. The beautiful
flavor pairing we tasted with white wine and chocolate was incredible.

Chocolate and wine tastings now
on our list of things to share at our dinner parties. 

-Todd and Diane