As an American, there are a few things that you find out the outside world associates you with. One, we talk about more than Trump. Two, not everyone is friendly and chilled out, although that is the way to go! Three, yes the food is awesome. We know how to do things bigger and better! But when I first travelled to London I was amazed at the foods on offer and I’m ashamed to say it was part of my motivation for applying for a tier 4 visa extension. So I thought I would create a top tips list of what I have discovered in the city since emigrating, for all those who are looking to travel and make the best out of their food intake in London.


The pizza scene is amazing in London, with specialist pizzerias all over. They serve up anything from traditional rustic Neapolitan pizza, to deep crust doughy richness. My favourites are:

Pizza Pilgrims –  Can be found in Shoreditch, Soho, Covent Garden, to name a few locations. It started as a small van company but has quickly become an English hit. They use ingredients located in Italy, and couldn’t be anymore delicious. Try the desert pizza!

Franco Manca – This sourdough pizza chain are now all over London and offer a small range of delicious fresh Italian pizza. They can be found in busy locations such as Soho, Tottenham Court Road, and the Westfield shopping centres.

Homeslice – Homeslice can be found in the popular Covent Garden area, and it offers some spectacular toppings in the form of slices. This means you can experiment with as many different toppings as they have on the menu, or more likely as you can stomach before you burst.


The burger is one of the greatest things to come out of America, but the English have got it down pretty good, maybe better than us Aussies. There are lots of options in London, but these are the best I’ve tasted:

Mother flipper – You will find the whimsically named flippers in Lewisham usually at the market or at pop-up festival Street Feast. Don’t let lack of restaurant put you off from trying these burgers are they are incredible, juicy, and flavourful.

Honest Burgers – Honest burger is a small chain that has grown rapidly thanks to word of mouth of its burgers and massive fries portions. They can be found all over London but look out for them in hotspots such as Brixton, Greenwich, Oxford Circus, and Old Street.

Bleecker Street – Another small burger chain who has learned how to do a burger properly whilst out in America. They used to be exclusive to pop up festivals, but have now added small restaurants in Spitalfields and Victoria.


For the fish fans, Lobster is known as an expensive luxury but some of London’s finest have decided to bring the food to the masses with delicious and fresh dishes.

Burger & Lobster – Not exclusive to London but Burger & Lobster is worth the visit. You can find it in several locations, including Soho and Covent Garden. If there is a group of you look out for the combo options where you can share multiple burgers and lobsters for bargain prices.

Bob’s Lobster – This is another street food affair, but these guys make it elegant by serving exquisite lobster in a lightly toasted brioche bun. They can be found in London Bridge and Canary Wharf but make sure you leave yourself plenty of time as queues for this luxurious snack can be long.

Steak and Lobster – A phrase I love since moving here is, it does what it says on the tin. Well Steak and Lobster do, you can have steak or lobster and it comes with fries and a salad. A tip from me though is to have the lobster every time.