When first hearing about “The World’s Longest Lunch” one might think of an all day drag-athon event where everyone is counting down for it to end and get released back into the wild. 

Not the case!

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival kicked off last month with quite the statement event. The Longest Lunch is actually a 1739 foot table, hosting 1504 hungry food-fanatics with a 3 course meal showcasing Victoria’s top chefs. 

In a word: Impressive.

Speaking of impressive – the location! The massive table was stretched alongside the gorgeous Yarra River in the middle of downtown Melbourne. Sun was bright, the weather was warm, hats and SPF tossed around the crowd… and sparkling drinks paraded about via the most adorable of orange and white striped deliveries.

Unlike other food festivals I’ve visited in the past, The Longest Lunch was a leisurely  experience where you can sample award wining plates without standing in long lines struggling to balance your wine tasting and plate while mingling about.

There was something so lovely about being able to take your time, get to know the pepole around you and soak in the view.

Above Dishes:

Duck Tucupi, Chef Jacques Reymond

Smoked Hiramasa kingfish salad with tamarind dressing, Chef Adam S’Sylva

Melbroune Food & Wine Festival? CHECK!

The food was stunning and the company was delightful. Having the ability to spend time with new locals and making friendships that will last overseas, the highlight of the day was getting to know more about Melbourne’s amazing people and food culture – making the growing list of reasons to return immeasurable.