Many years ago, a good friend (and Australian living in Melbourne) sent me two cookbooks from her favorite new chef - Frank Camorra. I had never heard of his restaurant Movida , but I was instantly intrigued by the design of these cookbooks as well as the stories of reconnecting with his Spanish heritage and the recipes from his travels.

So often I buy cookbooks AFTER eating at various establishments – and here I’ve never even seen where these delicious small plates were being served. I’ve cooked more than half of the dishes in each of these books and over time have become some of my favorite recipes regardless of never stepping foot into Movida…

This just had to change!

Luckily the lovely team at Tourism Australia made a long awaited dream come true, by arranging for me to finally taste Movida in person. 

And boy was it outstanding!

You probably wouldn’t expect an award winning restaurant with lines out the door to be tucked in a back alley covered in graffiti – but this is how unique and surprising Melbourne is. 

I love every spray paint covered part about it! 

Melbroune’s lane ways are jam packed with street art and cafes – Hosier Lane is particularly colorful attracting hundreds of snap happy tourists and urban-flared photo shoots just outside the steps of Movida.

The food is served tapas style, small bites intended to share.

Everything was flawless – exceeding expectations! After years of creating some of Chef Camorra’s dishes on my own, I was both excited to try the real deal and pleased that my own creations were not too far off.  We definitely ordered a few new items that fall a bit out of our usual expertise.


CECINA (Air-dried Wagyu with Poached Organic Egg and Truffle Foam)

BOCADILLO DE ANGUILA (Brik Pastry Sandwich of Smoked Eel, Obion & Jamon)

*ANCHOA (Hand-filleted Cantabrian Artisan Anchovy on 
Crouton with Smoked Tomato Sorbet) 

*This was definitely the star of the show. I know it sounds all kinds of texture and temperature crazy, but it is a bite of creative genius.

Now with new memories to fuel our love for Movida, I will continue to recreate dishes – both old standbys and new delights – inspired by this visit….and you better believe those Anchoas are on the top of my list for summer appetizers!