The people living in Melbourne have java coursing through their veins….

Never in my life have I been around so many different people ready to indulge in their 4th or 5th espresso drink of the day…then again, never in my life have I personally been so highly caffeinated as I was on this trip.

I usually have one or two espresso drinks…a week. This changed due to the fact that the coffee culture in Melbourne is insanely good and my daily dosage went up to two or three.

I have my favorite places here in Los Angeles, but there is something different happening in Melbourne. We’re talking top quality, delicious brews not only at designated coffee roasting locations, but available at every single cafe or dining establishment you find yourself in. 

Perfectly executed coffee drinks….everywhere!

Even more exciting is the hunt to find these coffee shops. 

Many are located in narrow alleyways, small windows hidden next to the train stations…or even situated inside of a brightly colored shipping container near the central market.

So much personality, so much care taken into the beans and service.

No wonder you want to make multiple stops a day and visit your favorite baristas.

And where most of these coffees took place alongside a snack (ahem, many avocado toasts), I veered off my usual bite and took some great advise while at The South Melbourne Market  and grabbed Dim Sim. Unlike any dumpling I’ve had – it was an amazing savory snack sure to fuel you through all the unique food stalls and boutique vendors.

Doesn’t hurt that the Dim Sim hut is also conveniently located to one of my favorite new coffee spots in the city, Clement Roasters.

I fall in love with many random culinary items. Where falling in love with my new favorite drink “The Flat White”, never did I think I would become obsessed with the coffee machine that made it.

Meet The Otto .

An exceptional piece of machinery, handsome with a hefty price tag to match – this “little guy” pumps out 1-3 espresso drinks at a time with exceptional results.

If you find yourself at The League of Honest Coffee, you might be lucky enough to witness a demonstration for yourself.

Ready to start bookmarking a coffee trail of your own? 

Check out this list from local city guide The Broadsheet or order yourself a copy of The Locavoure Edition for Victoria and get ready to blast off!

Shown here, one week and 20-some coffees later…tightly gripping onto one of my last flat whites in the city (I’m still day dreaming of finding its equal back here in the states), I’ve put together my own jittery list of the top 5 favorite caffeine stops you should not not miss while in Melbourne:

League of Honest Coffee   (Hidden Gem in the CBD – Ask for a “Melbourne Magic”)

Padre’s Coffee  (Located in a shipping container at The Queen Victoria Market)

Clement Coffee Roasters  (Located in a outdoor stall of the South Melbourne Market)

Dukes Coffee Roasters (awesome industrial space tucked on a busy lane way in the CBD)

Jr. Morse Coffee Stand  (small window located next to The Victoria Park train station)