My daughter has a shorter attention span than I do in the kitchen, and there is something to be said for that — I’ve managed to get to this stage of life without really learning to cook myself so I’m not easy competition.

Still, I’ve been trying to cut my husband some slack on the cooking front, and working with Next Generation on their Too Small To Fail campaign was the perfect opportunity to get my daughter involved in my goal and give my kitchen skills the kick in the butt they need. Every Tuesday for the past month or so my lifelong friend Jessica has been coming over and teaching Dee and I a new dish or two, and (Febreze in the Kale Salad incident aside — she just wanted it to smell good) it’s been really fun and rewarding.

But this week was something special. This week for our Tuesday dinner, I got to teach Dee one of the few dishes I fancy myself an expert at — Latkes. For most of my childhood my Mom would excuse me from any and all kitchen duties provided I used the time for homework (a method that, in retrospect, we all unanimously agree had unfortunate side affects for my sister and I) the holidays were the rare time that with no school or homework in sight, I was expected to help out in the kitchen. And so naturally over the years I learned a thing or two…traditional recipes are the few recipes I know by heart.

I’ve been loving learning to cook with my daughter, but teaching her a hands on activity like latke making was a new level of fun. Plus we left the potato skins on and the latkes came out excellent.

Cooking with your kids is an amazing way to get in interactive face time and help their brains develop in a way that only human interaction can. To learn more, check out what’s going on at #gomighty4kids.