Less meeting. More doing. This
quote is engraved at the Pixel head office. Why? Because Steve Jobs believed
that meeting is a gateway to hell. The number one-time waster if you are not
able to get the most from the meeting. You need to ensure that you do things
that will benefit the company.

The good news is that you don’t
need to worry about it anymore. You will be presented with some tips that will
help you to get the most out of every meeting.

1) Know and inform others who is directing the meeting. Most of the time meeting is called without knowing whom speaking & what direction will be will it be going. To cater this problem, you need to figure out who will be directing the meeting right from the start.

2) Make the communication clear. Keep the communication clear. In a meeting,
most of the time what people lack is unable to speak what they mean. And this
creates a gap among the people. If you want everyone to be on the same page, ensure that everyone understands their role in the project. One way to make sure that everything goes to the right person is to use an online task management tool to assign tasks while you are in that meeting.

3) Stay open-minded throughout the meeting. Ideas come from the
most unexpected places. If you are willing to get ideas that work, you need to
stay open to the ideas that are being discussed in the meeting. If you will be
the last to say, you will learn a lot.

4) Watch out for topic misdirection. One important thing you need to take care is that the topic
doesn’t slip. The agenda that you have set for the meeting needs to stay that way. Sometimes the topic gets off-track and people lose interest. Sure, people will listen to your crap in the
meeting, because you are their boss, but you need to keep the things relevant
to the agenda of the meeting.

5) Make it a group decision process. You need to take decisions after asking the group what they think about the problem and how will they propose the problem. If you can assign
tasks from online task management tool that would be a great deal. In this,
people will not consider themselves less in the meeting. They will feel that their options matter in the long-run.

Whatever you have planned in the meeting ensure that all the issues get resolved before your next meeting. And if, for some reason, the things are still
pending, ask what the reason for the delay is. The tasks need to be completed.
This will keep things in check when you will end the meeting and show up for
the next meeting. Before the next meeting, you need to make sure that you are doing everything that will benefit the people in the organization. And if someone is not present, you need to update them regarding the things that happened in the meeting.