Professional stories

The role of a technical support engineer is not just a job, it is a lifeline for clients. You are the first plane of the company and you are usually the first contact that the client has with the brand. They need you, you are solving problems and making their lives less stressful.

You can make a difference and that is something powerful.

Not only will you help solve potential software problems, and assist the client, you will also start your own career.

Consider these benefits to become a technical support engineer:

Ø  Practical experience: You will receive practical experience about the previous academic knowledge you have gained.

Ø  Social skills:  Expand your social skills such as motivation, decision making and leadership skills, as well as technical knowledge, including ability to resolve, communicate and work as a team.

Ø  Dynamic, exciting role: This dynamic work provides a vision of the variety of companies of the most well-known global players in their field and the brands you have heard about.

Ø  Technological knowledge updated:  Staying on the power of technical advancement, you will always learn, commit and recognize the latest technological results like computer systems engineering. Learning these appreciated skills that will help you tactic new info and adopt technology updates more proficiently.

Ø  The growth of the industry and job opportunities: In the United States alone, statistics show that the technology industry hires more than 6.7 million people, representing 7.1% of total GDP. There is also solid evidence that revenues will continue to grow.

It seems that the industry will continue to develop at a high level.

With more and more people putting greater emphasis and dependence on technology not only for their daily work but also socially; demand that this type of roles will not disappear in the future. This is good news for anyone looking to join the industry, since it is equivalent to a stable labor market.

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