Small Cap public Green
Energy Company specializing in solar and waste to energy technologies. SNPW is
a .03 stock to load up on now!

Sun Pacific Holding Corp
 designs, develops,
builds, and manages advanced green technologies that support renewable energy
solutions. Sun Pacific Power provides solar powered bus shelters, solar powered
LED trash bins, solar products and lighting products. Sun Pacific’s next
generation solar power bus shelters and energy efficient lighting solutions
offer customers turnkey systems that reduce the total costs of ownership while
being environmentally friendly. Sun Pacific recently announced plans to develop
a lightweight, non-glass solar panel. Sun Pacific
Holding Corp (OTC: SNPW)
 is headquartered out of Manalapan,
NJ. Corporate website:

SNPW and
Smart Outdoor subsidiary currently maintain advertising space on
more than 1000 bus shelter faces, bus benches, smart solar digital shelters and
solar trash bins. The company is projecting $63 million in revenue over
10-years from its contract with the various Transit Authorities, including Star
Metro Transportation Authority in Tallahassee, FL. Street Smart Outdoor has
also formally signed a ten year contract with the state of Rhode Island
Transportation Authority to manage and sell advertising space on over 730 bus
shelter faces. The company currently maintains over 1000 signs in its outdoor
advertising marketplace and has several new signs in new towns to roll out this

SNPW is developing a lightweight, non-glass
solar panel that weighs about half of traditional glass panels and cost 40%
less to build. The Company has filed an application for a patent. The U.S.
Government recently imposed tariffs of 30 percent on Chinese solar panels sold
into the U.S. China has been the largest provider of the glass solar panels
used in most installations here in the U.S. providing 80% of the panels.

Sun Pacific has announced plans to build a U. S. based manufacturing
operation and is in an excellent position to benefit from these tariffs and has
signed a Letter of Intent to build and operate its New England Renewable Energy
Solutions project in Johnston, Rhode Island. This medical waste to energy project
could process as much as 70 tons of waste per day and generate up to 7
megawatts of electricity. SNPW has eight
(8) worldwide manufacturing and assembly locations including 5 in the United

Competitive Advantage

Sun Pacific Holding Corps
 subsidiary Street Smart Outdoor is a rapidly
growing street furniture outdoor advertising company offer advertising space on
bus shelters and bus benches, smart solar digital shelters, and place-based
solar trash bins in small towns on high trafficked main roads. Watch as this
amazing opportunity unfolds and don’t be left in the dark, SNPW!