$SURG is a revenue machine that has over 68 Million in assets, 1.6 Million cash
in the bank and 1.4 Million in monthly recurring revenue

Surge Holdings today
announced an MOU commitment of 40,000 new store locations utilizing the
SurgePays Blockchain SaaS portal with a commitment of $1,500 per month in sales
per location. The numbers are staggering!

Surge Holdings, Inc
a publicly-traded company offering
wireless, telecom, payment services, and an industry-changing virtual wholesale
distribution portal for retailers, is capitalizing by focusing on the 77
million Americans with no contract cell phones, and the 51% of the population
that has below grade, or invisible credit. 

Surge Holdings utilizes emerging
technology to improve the quality of life for these millions of people who are
unbanked, under-banked or often overlooked. This budget-conscious demographic
typically does not want to be locked into contracts and regularly will cash
their checks and pay bills at the over 300,000+ corner stores, markets, and
bodegas near their homes multiple times each week. This broad and underserved
market is where the Surge Holdings plan provides a competitive advantage to
grab fantastic market share.

SURG utilizes their
proprietary SurgePays Blockchain Portal to create a distribution railway into
these stores. The basic service, topping off payments to other carriers, allows
stores to offer new and existing customers a pathway for the payments they
need, like paying virtually any cell phone carrier with cash.

SURG then bundles other
wireless services, wireless phone sales, municipal government payments,
pre-paid debit cards branded with the big three: MasterCard/Visa/Discover.

One of the
most excited, potentially game-changing opportunities within the SurgePays portal, is that it allows for
the decision makers at thousands of retailers to be marketed to directly for
the wholesale distribution of additional products for their stores. Opening the
door for Surge to distribute wholesale consumables such as energy drinks, CBD
oils, snacks, and anything else that might appeal to their specific customer

This direct
access to the owners of the nation’s countless, hard to reach “mom and
pop” stores removes the need for a national sales force to bring products
to their attention. Now the stores can research and purchase products directly
through the SurgePays Portal.  The
retailer orders their products, Surge
processes the payment and issues the purchase order, and then the vendor
dropships the products directly to the retailer.  

A recent
independent research report for Surge
Holdings, Inc.
stated, “the key metric for investors: an estimated $1.5M
in monthly revenue per 1,000 stores, which should be continually replicated
with greater sales penetration over time. The most recent shareholder update
stated a target of 15,000 retail locations by year-end 2019.  This estimate equates to $22.5 million per
month in topline revenue.  Current
revenues are approximately $1.4 million a month, so this is 16x, or a 1,600%

SURG is also endorsed
as a preferred wireless and payment provider for both government and private
associations alike.  One of the most recent examples is the Oklahoma
Grocer’s Association endorsement, which was for 2,000 convenience stores.

With over
154,000 convenience stores throughout the United States — not including
grocery stores, liquor stores or other potential distribution locations, we are
talking less than 10% market penetration for a management team who has grown
this same type of service to over $17 million a month as a private company, and
before offering prepaid wireless.

The SURG team led by CEO, Brian Cox has
generated hundreds of millions in annual revenue in private companies. Now in
the public sector, his model for business building over the last 18 years has
proven a success.  It is based on the rock of recurring revenue from
life-enhancing technology products and lifting people up. He is continuing to
do that now in Surge. By building an OTCQB up to the big board so that
shareholders who believe in the company now can take the profit ride up with
the company!

When was the last time you seen a company where
revenue led price by this much with earnings and a power team? SURG is it