The idea of stillness seems so appealing. I could just sit and breathe…perhaps, get a bit more focused and present in the moment instead of feeling so fractured all the time. 

The reality is that I find it hard to commit to sitting still. And in NYC, where to sit still? In my tiny apartment with 2 kids running around like squawking chimpanzees? At work with the phones and clickety- clicks of my fellow co-workers key boards?  Commit to going somewhere suited to the task? 

I shared this as one of my top 5 life list goals while I was at Camp Mighty, hoping to get input from anyone who has a successful meditation practice.  A fellow attendee asked me a question that put me on a different path of investigation. “Are you committed to sitting meditation?” she asked. I answered, “No.”  She said, “have you considered a walking meditation?”

What? What?  Holy crap, no I had not thought of that!  

Suddenly, all my preconceived notions of meditation fell away.  Her suggestion was simple, but mind blowing to me – walk, one step in front of the other and just focus on that, being present with each step.

Over the course of January, I’ve been trying to fit in more pockets of time where I am just walking. At first, nothing major, just easy tweaks to my hectic schedule: get off one subway stop earlier than usual on the way to/from work. Maybe walk the length of the platform, more steps in present time – unconnected from the digital world, not listening to music even. 

Next, I plan to find even more time for walking. I’ve found that a longer walk affords better focus, and I feel better afterward.