I’m in the middle of a cross-country move from a trailer in the desert of New Mexico to an apartment in the Crown Heights of Brooklyn, but I wanted to stop and take a second to tell the unexpected news: Olay is sponsoring me to lose my sequin virginity!

It’s not like in Memoirs of a Geisha when the girls advertise that they’re ready to lose it with a fancy hairdo, everyone knows it’s for sale, and they bid to take your purity – no one is fighting with Olay over the loss of my glitzy, sequined innocence – but Olay is backing my goal to wear sequins on New Year’s Eve in New York City.

On the surface, it probably seems like a rather easy, fluffy goal, but to me – recently divorced, upending my life with a move, trying to figure out who I am again – it is something really exciting to check off my list.

I spent many years – almost a third of my entire life – in a relationship that submerged the person I was under other, heavy depths. I buried myself within another person’s cares and wants, buried the person I was for the person I thought I should be, buried and covered over myself with someone else not me.

That girl, the one I was from 19 to 27 – had a rough go of it, had a lot to learn, and dressed and acted like someone she wasn’t in the hopes of making someone else happy.

Newsflash: it didn’t work.

Even once I decided to crawl zombie-like from the soil after miring myself in muck for eight years, it was pretty difficult to simply pop from the grave as my true self, let alone as a clean, attractive, elegant, and charming person instead of a sad, tired, frumpy one. But I’m working on it! – and one of the simplest ways I know how to feel good about myself is to take care to make myself feel good and have fun.

This doesn’t mean expensive clothes or fancy things, it only means taking care and notice of what makes me SAWK and makes me feel good about being this girl with wild hair, wide hips, cameras, dogs, flour on her clothes, and turquoise rings on her fingers.

And Olay is helping me do that!

They are going to buy me the sequins and clothes that I will wear for my glam 2013, New York City debut – a new outfit in a new place for a new year for the unearthing of the new (old) girl I was meant to be.

The moral is, when life gives you lemons, make a strong vodka lemonade, put on your best (read: ONLY) sequined attire, and get your groove on to get your groove back.

. . . Thanks, Olay! And stay tuned for potential fashion choices and potential fashion fails as I play the what-to-wear game!