I am not what you would call a glamorous person.

That’s me on the left with one of my dearest dears.

My fashion motto is generally an exuberant “EVERYTHING MATCHES ITSELF!” I don’t take too much care getting ready or tailoring pieces to wear with one another as outfits. Technically, if I wear things together, they are an outfit, amirite? . . .

I love color, and I love stripes, and if I feel like wearing my red pants at the same time that I feel like wearing my turquoise shirt and my bright yellow sweater, well OK! – Now you’re reminded what the primary colors are.

Anyway, at the end of this month is my cousin’s wedding and then New Year’s Eve, which is to be spent in NYC. I’m recently divorced, I’m putting a lot of energy into myself and my career lately, and I wanted to take a little more care about what I wear for the end of 2012 and the WAY AWESOME KICKSTART to 2013.

And so I decided to lose my sequin virginity.

Green sequins, here I come!