Day 27: 

The last couple of years at my alma mater, the college has offered a matching scholarship donation program to encourage alumni giving. My husband and I scraped together some money which got matched and we were able to “name” the scholarship last year. We ended up naming it in my parents’ names, since they were instrumental in my education.

This year, they were doing the same matching program, so my husband and I wanted to donate again. But this time, we thought it would be great to get my siblings involved and we could say it’s from them as well. So today, I called around to see if my 4 other siblings would donate. Of course, they all pledged and we will be able to have the same named scholarship as last year. Exciting! 

Now, gotta figure out how to do a scholarship trust in my parents’ names so it keeps on giving every year.

Donate or raise some money for a scholarship at your local college–it’s going to help out some poor college student!