Obviously, before taking such an important step, it’s crucial to do plenty of research and find out what is involved. From my understanding, these are the steps to becoming a foster carer, it anyone else is interested!

Home Visit

The first step of the process will be a home visit. Basic information will be taken about yourself, your family history as well as a summary of your own personal life experiences. The main aim is to get an understand of how you come across, to understand your goals and to get a feeling for your home environment.

Social Worker Allocated

This part of the process can last for a few months and typically very drawn out. An assessment is made by a social work, whom will most likely visit on 10 different occasions. More information will be gathered, including medical checks and more in-depth details about family history. This information is compiled into a form known as the ‘Form F Report’.

Fostering Course

Before you can be approved you’ll need to attend a ‘Skills to Foster course’. This is a 3-to-4-day course that will teach you as much as possible about foster caring. Once you are approved, you will have access to ongoing training so you can continue to develop your skills.

Panel Meeting

Once your F Report has been completed, a social worker will confirm whether they are happy with it. You’ll then be required to attend a panel meeting. At this meeting, you’ll discuss the F Report in detail. A decision will be made at this point whether you can be taken forward to foster for a child.

The processes seem very daunting but is really isn’t. It just takes a while to tick all the boxes. Once the ball is rolling, it will move much quicker than you expect. Local councils are doing incredible work in securing foster homes for children, or you could choose a private fostering agency.