For an organization to succeed in its operation, it has to keep the employees motivated and engaged at all levels. If you expect a high performance from your team by providing them with salary or wages only, you are in for a rude shock.

The secret of maintaining a high-performance workforce is through employee engagement. This is one of the activities engaged change solutions  pride with. In a nutshell, the company offers executive coaching and management consulting services. This is meant to equip the organizations with survival tactics in the ever-changing corporate world.

Employee engagement is done through structured approach whereby the company aims at keeping their employees committed to the company goals and values. Engaged change solutions engage all the levels of the organization starting with the individuals, team/group and the organization itself.

For this exercise to be successful there is need to invest heavily in terms of time and resources. The question that lingers is what are the benefits of listening to your employees?

Retaining and attracting new talents.

When employees are engaged, they feel like they are part of the company making them more satisfied and wanting to stay with the organization a little bit longer. If you involve your employees in decision making, chances are they will also share with you some of the workplace issues that need to be fixed. This also helps attract new talents due to the positive advocacy from the existing staff.

Improved productivity

The moment workers are fully engaged, they tend to be more productive as they are able to relate to the company. It keeps the employees happy and reduces absenteeism which is a major contributor to poor productivity.

Improved customer service

Employees are in direct contact with the customers especially those who are on the front line. As such they are able to pinpoint and fix issues that are affecting service delivery. If you keep your employees engaged, they feel motivated and much more willing to go the extra mile just to ensure your customers are well-taken care off.

How to improve employee engagement?

To succeed in employee engagement, there is need to employ a strategic approach. This can be challenging to leaders despite being the most experienced in the market. At this point, you need to engage change agents who will partner with you to guide on how best to deal with barriers such as resistance to change amongst your team.

The following tips will come in handy during this process:

Give the process a strategic priority. You must make use of the feedback given by employees during focus group discussions and surveys. The employees must understand the need for giving feedback and why it matters; otherwise, they will not be interested in participating. As a leader, you must also demonstrate your engagement in the organization.

You need to engage more often with your employees in order to understand their needs and wants better. Move away from the old school approach of conducting employee’s survey annually. Let the engagement be as frequent as possible in order to pick small adjustments that need to be fixed. Lastly, let the employees know that their input really matters. Ask some follow up questions from the conducted surveys and find out how you can improve their well being.