Over the past year, I have been trying to make it a habit to get out of bed early, whether it is a workday or the weekend. During the work week, when I am able to make it to a yoga class or a similar activity, before my workday begins, I feel like I am able to get more out of my day. I have my time in the early AM (well at least until my daughter is born in August), then I am able to dedicate myself to my job and team during the day, with my nights open for family and friends.

On a similar note, the definition of early on the weekend may be a bit later than the workday, but still the goal is the same, to get more out of the day. Early San Francisco weekend mornings are wonderful, whether cold and foggy, or sunny and gorgeous, there is a feeling of catching a private screening of the day ahead’s dress rehearsal.

Early Rising….#worthit