Online backup, or more commonly known as Cloud backup, is a process of backing up data by sending a copy of the data over a network to a server that is off-site.  The server is usually owned or hosted by a third-party who will then charge thecustomer a fee for the backup service.  TheCloud backup pricingfee is based on capacity, bandwidth or number of users.

Cloud backup services South Africa

Many serviceproviders boast about features such as unlimited backup and speedy upload and download capabilities, however, most times this does not hold true.  When it comes to Cloud backup services for business, you do not want to be stingy or undercut yourself on storage capabilities.  The lower the price, the more problems you will encounter later on – and with data, any mistake could prove costly.

To ensure no costly mistakes and loss of data, you need to look at the top online backup services available in South Africa.  Cloud backup for busines s services should include application and operating system backup, database backup, advanced file versioning, 24/7 support, server and NAS (network-attached storage) backup, and fully compliant security.

Cloud backup service prices

As mentioned before, to base your purchasing decision of backup services on cost alone could prove detrimental to business continuity.  It is advised to shop around for the best price.  To do this you will need to a comprehensive understanding of your data backup needs.  Armed with full knowledge of your needs and service providers capabilities, you will be in a better position to gauge value for money offers.

Here are some top online backup service providers in South Africa and what they offer.

Service Provider  Monthly price   Free Version  Compliant Security    24/7 Support        Long-                                                                                                                                              term                                                                                                                                                options

Cloud Backup     

Solutions              R549                   No                  Yes                               Yes                    Yes

Soteria                  R999                30-day free       Yes                                No                      No


Paradigm              R999                   No                  Yes                             Yes                      Yes


Cloud backup service laws

Deciding to use online backup service that is a South African company and the data is stored within South Africa, then the laws of South Africa determine the legal standing of the contract.  However, if your contact is with a provider outside of South African borders, for example, the United States of America (USA), then all contracts are governed by the laws of the USA.

Choosing to use a South African service provider for a South African based company is a lot safer and easy to manage and control.

Storage in South Africa is sometimes a lot more expensive than storage in other parts of the world.  However, should you choose an international provider, you run the risk of your data storage not complying with South African standards and legislation.  This non-compliance and breach of legislation could result in hefty legal fines.

The added benefits of holding your data in South Africa are the following:

  • You will only pay for legal and other services in Rands
  • You are fully aware and understand the system
  • You are aware of all compliant requirements.

Cloud backup services in South Africa, is tried and tested.  The services are secured and encrypted.  Choosing a service provider that meet your business needs is not that difficult to find.