If you are facing difficulties over learning how to write essays, then you will be
glad to know that the task is not quite as impossible as you had first believed
it to be. In fact, essay writing can be one of the easiest tasks in the world,
provided that you go about it the right way.

Just for starters, many students approach the task with the wrong mind-set. If you believe that you are going to fail, or that the essay you are writing will not be of good quality, the chances that you make your beliefs come true are actually quite high. Instead, get that fear of essay writing out of your heart and mind, approach the task with a more positive mind-set and then start to work on your essay.

Essay Writing: The Basics

When you want to get a good essay written, at short notice, one excellent option
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However, even your writer, no matter how experienced they might be, are true
professionals, and that being the case, they also need you to guide them in the
whole task of essay writing. This is why, you need to be familiar with the
basics of essay writing yourself, so that you can guide and support your writer
to the best of your abilities. Here are just some of the main aspects of essay
writing that you really need to focus on:


Understand the topic

The topic is the main aspect of the essay. You need to understand just what the
teacher is asking you to discuss in the essay so that you can write out the
piece accordingly. In this case, the best idea is to begin by carrying out a
basic search on the topic and then writing out the rest of the piece


Plan out your essay draft

Once you have a fair enough idea of what needs to be included in the essay, it is
time to begin drawing up a plan and then drafting just how you will be
approaching the essay. In this case, it is always a good idea to start by
putting all your thoughts onto paper. You can go through with sorting them out


Pay close attention to the introduction

Just like the physical appearance of an individual can give an insight into the
traits of an individual, so can an introduction speak volumes about the quality
of the essay. Make sure that your introduction is interesting, it is short
(around 10% of the entire word count of your essay) but conveys the gist of the
essay and your stance regarding the issue at hand.


Be very clear in the way you are phrasing your arguments throughout the essay

When writing the essay, make sure that you are very clear in the way you are
writing. Argue out each point carefully before moving on to the next argument.
That way, you can write an essay that is well thought out and comprehensively


End on a high note

Similarly, to conclude, make sure that you have paraphrased and summed up all your
arguments into the concluding paragraph. This is not quite as simple as it
looks, mainly because you must make sure that you are not repeating yourself in
any way. With the conclusion, you also need to make sure that you talk about
any possible future research avenues that could be explored.


Editing Your Work Thoroughly

Of course, no essay can be absolutely perfect from the word go, so you need to make sure that you edit all your work very thoroughly. You will, in fact, be very surprised to see how many mistakes you manage to weed out of your essay also!