1. Articles are forums for trading ideas and concepts, not platforms to promote products software, books, seminars, and so on. Such references will be edited. 

2. Active Trader provides concrete, practical trading information for short-term traders. Be direct, and don’t leave your audience guessing explain concepts fully. 

3. Don’t make unsubstantiated claims. In the case of trading strategy articles, for example, un-optimized historical testing results, audited performance results or brokerage statements supporting performance claims are strongly encouraged, and in some cases may be required. 4. Use recent chart examples that is, the most recent 12 months, and preferably, the last two or three months (the more recent, the better). Old examples underminethe credibility of your article. 

Style 1. Speak directly to the reader, educating him or her. Write in the second person, addressing the reader as “you.” Do not write in the first person (“I,” “me”). Example: “To minimize risk, you should use a money management plan that Alternately: “To minimize risk, use a money management plan that (The pronoun “you” is omitted.) Not: “To minimize risk, I like to use a money management plan that In other words, “I” or “me” should never appear in yourarticle. 

2. Write simply and directly, as if you were explaining your subject matter to someone sitting next to you. Focus on your ideas. It’s our job to make your writing flow and to lay out the material in a professional way. 

3. Divide your article into logical sections separated by short descriptions of what the sections are about, e.g., “Money management,” “Performance results,” “Taking profits,” and so on.

 Accepted submissions 

Active Trader will notify you if it wishes to publish your article, and will contact you to determine deadline, editorial procedures, payment, andother specifics to be detailed in the Author Agreement. We cannot return submitted articles.