This evening I took my first ballet class. It was a free class—because of renovations to the studio—and so most of us were beginners.  So, we started at the beginning, thankfully.  Even so, there was nothing easy about it. First position, second position, third.  Plié, relevé and a few other French words I’m having a hard time keeping straight.  But that was nothing.  The hardest part?  Pointing my toe.

Ensayo de Ballet, Edgar Degas

Now, I practice pointing my toe at home a lot.  Why?  Because sometimes, whilst in the comfort of my kitchen, I like to pretend I’m a ballerina, as many of us do.  Guess what? I’ve been doing it wrong all of these years. So, so, so wrong. There’s more to it than just, well, pointing the toe. My brain was hurting, as I tried to get my knee to stay unbent and my
thigh to engage at the same time so I could get the foot to curl in just the right way. I didn’t come close to getting that toe to point like the instructor’s.  When I gave my best effort the arch of my foot, my calf and even my hip socket, killed.

Wow.  It was hard.

But it was exhilarating, standing at the barre, trying to get my arms to twist first one way and then the other at the same time. The instructor says that there is no reason adults can’t learn to dance on pointe, after a time. After this first class, I can’t imagine how strong one’s entire body must be to dance on pointe.  It may take me years, but thanks to Olay and Go Mighty, I’m taking my first steps…