There are many things that should be on your bucket list and
in most of the cases you have a customized list in your mind. However, if you
are looking for some general additions, the list below should be a guiding
light for you.

1. Climbing the Mount Everest

It is more than just an achievement to do so, and many
people have already achieved this feat. Having said so, you should not think of
any other alternative that will make you feel miserable about things that really
matter to you. Again, Mount Everest is a challenge for those who have seen in
the habit of performing search sports and as willing to take this challenge so
that they can move to the next level. That is so you should not assume it to be
an easy one.

2. Traveling like a king

With so many possibilities, you should always consider the
fact that you have an opportunity to travel like a king and it will only make
you feel amazing if you get the extra privileges while you are moving from one
place to another. Again, the choice of place is important because if you
randomly choose any average destination, will not be satisfied with the
experience in totality. So, make sure that you are traveling
to a beautiful place like Last Vegas and carry out the activities like a

3. Write a book

It is usually not in our mind that we should write a book because most of the people
think that when someone writes a book, others necessarily have to read it.
However, this is not something that will allow you to write freely. If you are
planning to add it to your bucket list, make sure that you plan to write a book
you would like to read something. If you are only focusing on others, you’ll
try to add unnecessary drama to the topic, and the entire focus will be shifted
to a commercial section. This is not what you should do as a writer.

4. Travel to at least 30 places in different continents

Surviving in a particular continent, we often visit
different places. However, the challenge is not to visit different places but
visit different places in different continents. It is a challenging task, and you will be tested on a regular basis even
before you have made the selection for a particular destination on another
continent. With this being said, make sure that you use you’re right
destination and travel to the place accordingly. Start learning about the place
and if you are not comfortable visit, use another one point remember that task
is to visit different places you should not compromise on your safety, no
matter what place is chosen.