Starting a new phase of life as a
college freshman is a challenging experience. Normally new college students
make interesting mistakes while switching between the schools and college life.
But any student could easily avoid them if they only know what they are.

Therefore, in this post, we will
share most common fresh year blunders which you can avoid to live a hassle free
life. Drive through the information shared in the below passage to explore
mistakes which students make during freshman year.

Up Multiple Majors

It is seen that many students
think that college is the best time to load up on multiple courses. This is
totally a wrong approach as it can affect your overall performance. Don’t
choose more than three courses even if your college allows five, six, even
seven a semester.

According to a recent survey
based report students who overload themselves with multiple courses need to
repeat their semesters. Once you sign up for the standard course then focus on
doing well in those courses to fetch a valuable degree on time.


Undeniably students who spend
hours and hours a day on socializing activities never fetch good grades in
their semesters. Whether you spend a couple of hours on Facebook, Twitter, and
Instagram or in your college canteen, you can’t enhance your performance until
you will social in a balanced way.

If you don’t manage enough time
for studying then you will need to face a number of hurdles while creating
college assignments. Therefore, do socializing activity in a balanced way to
focus on the learning process in an appropriate manner.


This is one of the biggest
mistake freshman students made in the first semester of their college. The
reason behind this is to feel the taste of independence that they have never
experienced in school life. You will be surprised to know that for first-year
students attending class is the basic key to success in the college life.

In case you miss classes, you
will miss out opportunities to learn new thing as well as create a good
relationship with the faculty members and classmates. Thus attain every
academic activity to gain the overall experience of the college learning

Late Night Parties

Of course, students that attend
late night parties always miss their morning lectures. If you’re also missing
your early morning classes due to over partying, then you should change your
habit. For instance, avoid going for long drive, partying or any activity that
is affecting you college timetable.

Staying up too late in the night
will not only affect your academic performance but also create negative effects
on your health. So change the habit of hanging out with friends or attending
parties to study effectively as an honest freshmen student.

Utilizing All Resources

A lot of freshman student makes
this mistake in the early semester of their college. Believe it or not, by
utilizing all the resources from the early semester you could complete your
class projects in a more comfortable manner.

Don’t just utilize your class
notes and campus library instead make the most of your every college resource
including your professor and class mates. When you will take the benefit of
college resources from early semesters, you could easily enhance your academic

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