The advancement in technology has brought the changes in the
way we perceive the things. It has shaken things up and gave birth to many dreams, amounting in thousands, millions, and more.
The endless supply of ideas posed a challenge to individuals to distinguish
their product from the other. Similarly starting a new venture is always a challenge
especially in old times.

Come to think of it, we are transitioned back to the history
of Uber that was supposedly launched in the early 1900s. With no smartphones in
hand, how did people manage to nurture on it and able to avail it. What in
those old days, might have been the best thing to identify their firm-definitely
their logo!

From then on, the logo has been identified as the ultimate
business identity and brand’s personality across the world that businesses give
every itsy-bitsy attention for its designing.

For an individual who is starting on a new venture, a logo is
not only a name or symbol or a visual mark on the letterhead or billboard or
for advertisement anymore but it’s the identity that forms an essence of the
business in the market. Just have a glimpse of your smart, what you probably
see is that it’s not only a device that holds your contact sources but a
storehouse of various apps that you interact with every day. The difference in
the logo is what simply distinguishes them from one another.

Let’s answer the simple question, why don’t you use any other
instant app other than WhatsApp and Facebook for interaction? Difficult? It’s
because of the emotional attraction you have, not only with their functionality
but with the icon that represents their brand.

Below we have listed the world famous brands and how their
logos impact their businesses:

•  The Redesigning of Instagram’s logo

In the world of graphic designing, clarity matters. For
instance, a few years back, Apple had changed the logo of “newsstand” based on
wood-shelf or the yellow pad- for “notes” with new logo designs that are simple
and user-friendly. Subsequently, you can see you how ‘Instagram’ has
implemented this idea and change its old designed camera into more simple and
vibrant version just like a spectrum of colors.

•  The Nike’s swoosh

Nike is the brand that stands out in the market without
depicting any tough or complicated image. Nike brings the most unique and
simplest design in the market. It sets up a different sort of future in this
revolutionizing digital age. This ‘swoosh’ symbol is not the only reason behind
its top-notch position in the market. It’s the result of million dollars
investment in its advertisement and promotional activities.

•  The simple facebook’s logo

It’s a natural phenomenon that our brain responds to simpler
things faster compared to complicated or tangled stuff. For instance, Facebook
uses the lowercase ‘f’ in its logo with a blue background.  Because of its simpler font, shape, and
color, it is very easy to recognize it. Comparatively a logo having complicated
designs and longer names might be difficult to recognize or even when this sort
of logo fits into three-eighths-inch square place in your mobile phone, it
probably masticates fully. So, it’s better to avoid using a cheap logo design
that is free and design it yourself. 

•  The Uber’s U

The official date of Uber logo is recorded in the year 2009.
In just nine years of existence, uber had changed its logo several times. It’s
pretty similar to place new furniture in your house, and all of a sudden a
stranger replaces all your things. The Uber’s logo has a small rectangle in a
huge circle, connected by a straight line. Amin the former head of Uber designs
said, “The Company will now stick with this logo for next 10, 15 years”. Although,
this design has no resonance with company’s name marketers are still hoping to
achieve a position globally.

•  The Elegant Starbucks logo

In 2011, Starbucks redesign its logo to make it more elegant
and stylish. They dropped off all its alphabets. The logo has a long-standing
mermaid. Although its design has no association with coffee, it frees up the
mind from stress and marks up to do more work. The concept behind redesigning
logo might be that the customers don’t have to read western letters and it also
portrays that the brand is not limited to coffee. 

•  The Pussy’s hat a perfect mark

The pussy’s hat gets a most remarkable position in the market
last year. It has a new shape, with a smooth texture, and vibrant color. It
contains no letter; in fact, the logo is so perfect that it speaks out for itself. 

These big brands formed an impressive impression in the
market by their compelling logos. A logo can be designed by investing a huge
chunk of money or the cheap custom logo design free services  available online;
it all depends on the business budget and the purpose. For an impact logo,
be updated on the changing dynamics of the interconnected market. As logo of
the brand plays an important part in the company’s brand and an effective role in
public awareness.

The logos are not simply symbols or text but a vision that
bring people of similar thoughts together which is the main purpose of the
brand and the business.